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Drawing Type Definitions

Estimate drawings:

Drawings issued with stamp “For Estimate Only”. Drawings must be reviewed for coordination issues and signed (by at least the section leader of the lead design section) before they can be released to the estimators. This set will not be archived.

Construction drawings:

Drawings issued at the completion of design.

  • For in-house design jobs – drawings must be on the PDC title block and have the signature of the UE or PP&E Architect to be eligible for archiving.
  • For out of house design – drawings that are issued for bid, may or may not be addended.

Permit set:

Construction drawings (may coincide with the bid set or estimate set or may be something else entirely) that have been issued for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.

•  Changes that are required by the permitting and value engineering process are incorporated into addenda for drawings and specs.

•  After bid and before a construction contract is let changes are referred to as post bid bulletins.

•  After a construction contract is issued changes are referred to as design revisions that are generated by proposal requests.

As built drawings :

  • Drawings marked up in the field to reflect changes to the design documents.
  • For in-house design jobs – these could be put together by anyone on the design team or the shops and submitted to the PM for inclusion in the record drawings.
  • For out of house design jobs – the drawings are put together by the contractor, typically with the assistance of sub-contractors for submittal to the architect for inclusion in the record drawings.

Record drawings :

  • A complete clean set of drawings that reflect how the project was built - folding the as-built revisions into the design documents, including addenda, post bid bulletins and design revisions.
  • These are compiled by the designer from the as-built drawings submitted by the contractor, as a record of the work.  Since these are not confirmed in the field by the designer they are not "as-built" but a compiled record.
  • Record drawings are expected to represent a complete drawing set, not just the sheets that changed. These drawings will not be signed, but will be stamped or otherwise marked by the design team as “record drawings”

Master mark up :

Drawing set maintained by the PM, Construction PM, or contractor to track design revision and design revisions that occur during the course of construction. By the time the project is complete this set is pretty ratty with tape, highlighted sections. IF this is the only set available it will be archived.

Design revision Drawings:

Drawings issued to communicate changes to the construction team. These drawings modify the information in the construction set. Examples: SK drawings, revisions, modifications, corrections, or clarification sketches.