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Facilities Inventory: Using Bulk Edit to Add Occupant Comments to Multiple Rooms

These instructions apply to the version of the facilities inventory system in use through June 30, 2023 and are not applicable for users updating data for the period from July 1, 2023 onwards.
Last updated: November 29, 2021

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  1. On the room search page, search by the department code AND the organized research function code, 2.1 or 2.2.  This system will return a discrete set of rooms.  'Bulk edit' does not work for groups of rooms with varied function codes.

  2. Do a 'select all', resulting in all the rooms being checked.  Click on the ‘Bulk Edit Selected Rooms’ button.
  3. From the Bulk Edit screen, select the ‘Add New Occupant’ link.
  4. On the Occupant screen enter the following:
    • NetID:  The Cornell University NetID of the person maintaining the organized research records.

    • Occupant type:  PI.
    • Start date:  Since this is placeholder information, the start date of the fiscal year is adequate.
    • End date:  Leave the end date empty.
    • Occupant comment:  Enter a brief research comment which describes the situation, for example, “Organized research account number info not available through CU central systems. Contact the department’s administrative manager [NetID] for further information.”
  5. Research account number:  Enter a reference to an account number, for example, ‘BTI account system’ or an account number if the data is not stored locally.

  6. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.  The system will tell you how many records have been updated.
  7. Click on the ‘Close Window’ button. 
  8. This will return you to the Bulk Edit window.  It is important to click on the Save Changes button here, otherwise the changes you made on the occupancy screen will not be saved.
  9. Click on ‘Return to Search’ to confirm the result of the changes.