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Facilities Inventory: Searching Inventory Rooms by Floor

In order to search for inventory rooms by floor, if the floor number is less than ten, it is necessary to enter a two-digit floor number.  For example, to find all rooms on the first floor enter "01" for the "Floor" as shown in Figure 1 below.

Floor Search with Leading Zero
Figure 1. Search for rooms on a particular floor using a two-digit floor number such as "01".

Searching for rooms with a single-digit floor number such as "2" will return no results even though there are rooms on the second floor as shown in Figure 2 below.

Failed Floor Search with Single-Digit Floor
Figure 2. This floor search failed to return results since "2" was entered for the floor instead of "02".

This change was made in October 2021 to ensure that floors sort in the correct numerical order.  

Last updated:  11/30/21, JB.