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Cornell Storage Moving Resource List 08122020

Storage and Moving Resource List Provided by the Campus Planning Office, Facilities and Campus Services, Cornell UniversityLast updated August 12, 2020

1. What are Storage Options for my College/Unit?

  • CU Warehouse – CU Real Estate & Sedgwick are partnering for off-campus storage and asset management. The CU Warehouse offers below-market rates for storage and is your first stop point for storage.
  • Storage Trailer – Storage trailers may be parked at Palm Road Contractor Parking Lot (between Carpenter Shop parking lot and Library Annex) for the fall semester.                                                                             
    • Contact: Leslie Schill, Director of Campus Planning, or                                                   
    • Tami Norman, Project Management,  607-255-0109                                                           
    • As a note, AAP has rented a 48’ storage trailer to hold excess furniture for Fall 2020 (and potentially longer). Cost = $90/month, plusdelivery ~$150. Frank Parish can share details, if needed.
  • Storage within Existing Facility – Some extra furniture may remain within existing facilities. Mike N. has provided the following guidance to make sure we do so safely and responsibly.
    • Moving the furniture in a room to one area of the room so that the rest of the room can be used with reduced density is not a code problem and there is no code trigger.
    • Moving furniture from one room to another room that is not being used or has limited use.
      • If it is a small amount of additional furniture (desks are not stacked, chairs are not stacked beyond let’s say 6’ high, room is not completely packed) that is also okay.
      • If the room is packed full or stacked with stored furniture/materials particularly combustibles, that is a change of occupancy per code.  Building permit is required.
        • In a fully sprinklered building changing an office (B occupancy) to a storage area (S occupancy) and in the future back to offices would most likely not trigger any code required changes.
        • In a fully sprinklered building changing an assembly space (a space for 50 or more occupants) to storage would not be difficult in terms of code compliance but when you convert the space back to assembly current code would kick in.  In some cases this could be a problem.
        • In non-sprinklered buildings converting spaces to storage would most likely require work triggered by code.
    • Absolutely no storage in stairways (even if there is room for it).
    • No storage in exit corridors.
    • Maintain exit paths, do not obstruct with stored furniture or materials even if it can be easily moved.

2. What are the Moving Options for my College/Unit?

  • FM trades - There are a few trades assistants that can assist with small college/unit moves. More temporary staff are being rehired now, but it may take a little time to complete HR process. Overall, small moves: 1-2 day max can be scheduled through FM via a service request through your normal zone channels.
  • CU Approved Moving Contractors – For larger multi-room, multi-day, or multi-building moves, Cornell has a blanket contract with 3 regional movers: Rogers, Naglee, and Dimon& Bacorn. These companies can be hired through a PO with accompanied quote.
  • Contact info for each company is on DFA site:
  • Student Agencies also provides moving services. They are approved but not included in the link above.  Contact: 607-272-2000
  • Sedgwick – If warehousing furniture, Sedgwick can provide movers and trucks (see CU Warehouse above)

3. Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get table/chair stickers that say Please Sit Here? What do they cost, and is the university paying or college/units?
    • Stickers will be printed and available to units for pick up at the end of next week, by 8/14.
    • Stickers will be paid for centrally with COVID funds as was the case for other signage.
    • A guidance document on installation of designated seating signage will be released early next week.
  • How do I make a request for extra furniture and from whom?
    • Please make request to Leslie Schill, Director of Campus Planning, who will coordinate with FM.
  • Do any colleges/units have need for specific furniture?
    • CU Libraries needs chairs with arms
    • Research could use chairs with arms if 700 Clark will be used for classroom space
  • Do any colleges/units have extra furniture?
    • CVM has lots of surplus single stackable chairs
    • Arts and Sciences has surplus chairs
    • Research has trapezoidal tables
    • ILR has 24”x40” tables (note: legs don’t fold) and surplus chairs
  • Has an official restroom occupancy limit been determined and how/when will it be communicated to colleges/units?
    • An official restroom occupancy document has not yet been developed.

4. Other Items of Note