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Cornell University

Off Campus Storage


Cornell Real Estate provides:

  • Low cost, convenient storage for departmental use only (open to all departments).
  • Records storage, bulk storage, rack storage, and enclosed vault storage available.
  • Pick up and delivery to and from your site is available for a small, additional charge. Alert our management team, Ithaca Storage Solutions, and the item you want is brought to you. If you do not want to use the delivery service, Ithaca Storage Solutions has convenient hours of operation and will have the items available for retrieval with only a few hours’ advance notice, or you may retrieve them yourself simply by stopping by their office and obtaining a key.
  • The warehouse is located at 22 Abbott Road, Ithaca, New York.

Storage Facility

Getting Started:


  • Departmental use only

Rates (FY20)

Description Size Cost per Year
Vaults 5’ x 7’ x 7’ high, 175 cu.ft.
Rack bins 4’ x 8’ x 4’ high, 128 cu.ft.
Climate-controlled bins 4’ x 8’ x 4’ high, 128 cu.ft.


Notice must be given to Ithaca Storage Solutions, via email or fax, whenever you are coming to the warehouse to access your material, or request any service, whether or not you need Ithaca Storage Solutions' assistance. Please use this form and fax or email. Failure to provide prior written notice to Ithaca Storage Solutions may result in a delay in obtaining your stored materials. You MUST include your customer ID number with all requests. 

Click for TEXT form for inserting into email.

When you want Ithaca Storage Solutions to pull material for you or if you want Ithaca Storage Solutions to deliver material to you, please email or fax this information to Ithaca Storage Solutions at least 24 hours’ (two to three days preferred) in advance. If this is not possible, please give a minimum of four hours notice. Staff is needed to retrieve items for you and may not be available if you show up unannounced.  

When you want to access your material without the assistance of Ithaca Storage Solutions, you must email or fax Ithaca Storage Solutions. In this email or fax, give us the date and time that you will be here along with your customer ID. Please let Ithaca Storage Solutions know if you need our warehouseman to assist you. You must stop by the Ithaca Storage Solutions office and pick up a key for the warehouse. You will need to sign in, let us know what items you will be taking, bring back the key and sign out. Notice must be given to Ithaca Storage Solutions prior to your appearance at the office. This will enable us to have your items available for your pick up, or have personnel available to assist you in the warehouse. NOTE: At no time will we allow you to operate our forklift or scissor lift.  


Boxes in various sizes are available for purchase. Please contact Ithaca Storage Solutions for further details and pricing. 607.257.0411. 

Truck services

Ithaca Storage Solutions also has pick-up and delivery services (16' cube van).  Please see pricing information below. For further details please contact Ithaca Storage Solutions. 607.257.0411.

Option Cost
1 Helper + Van
$68.00 / Hour


Billing is done quarterly. Adjustments will be made to reflect the actual amount of bins or vaults that you have rented during that period. Billing dates are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. 

Tenants will be billed individually by J.C. Leasing for their monthly rental. Keep in mind that this is a bulk storage facility. Your storage is rated by bins, vaults, or floor space (largest items only). You will be billed for the amount of bins, vaults or floor space that you have stored at the warehouse.  

Labor and delivery charges

For any services provided such as moving materials to the warehouse, warehouse labor or delivery, contact Ithaca Storage Solutions to request a quote prior to providing the service. Upon completion, these charges will be debited to your Cornell University procurement card. A receipt for the charges will be sent to you. The labor rate for pulling boxes is $31/hour (1 hour minimum charge; charged in .25 hour increments thereafter).