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Project Approval Request (PAR)

Welcome to the Project Approval Request (PAR) documentation and process page.  This page has been developed to provide the campus community with a resource related to PAR preparation and process.  The Project Approval Request (PAR) is used to seek University level approval on any project or study where planned project costs will be over $100,000. Project costs are defined as all costs related to the execution of a project that include planning, design, construction, contingencies and general support costs. It defines the primary attributes of a project such as scope, budget and schedule. It provides a formal authorization to employ resources and spend University funding for a project as described in the request.

Project Teams should navigate to their project in e-Builder to start the Project Approval Request process.

When is a PAR required...

A PAR should be initiated at the first phase at which it is understood that total project costs will exceed the PAR dollar threshold.

Study Approval Process 

How to determine if your study needs a PAR?

Please plan ahead and allow sufficient time for input to meet the deadline above.  Should the rare need for an extension arise, the Project Manager should discuss the need with their Director and the Director should submit an email extension request to Rick Burgess briefly describing the situation and the justification for the exception.  Exceptions to this rule will only be granted if approved in writing.  Requests for an exception must be submitted by the above deadline.

Capital Project Funding Guidelines

In order to maintain the university’s fiscal integrity, the university has developed capital project funding guidelines.


Current FY Approved Capital Plan

The threshold for inclusion in the annual capital budget and five-year capital plan is a total project cost greater than $250,000.


Capital Project Approval Authorities Flowchart

A flowchart has been developed to help PAR preparers navigate the various “approvals” that a project must obtain.

Project Approvals Calendar

All PARs must be submitted by the stated deadline each month in order for the project to be considered for CFPC and/or B&P approval. “Submitted” shall be defined as in the “PAR Administrator Review” step by 3PM on the stated date.

Having a firm deadline for these submissions will better facilitate the creation of agendas, preparation of materials, and allow the due consideration of projects for these meetings.