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Cornell University

Mail Metering Services

Postage Metering and Mailing

Mail metering applies US postage to outgoing department external mail for a fee. Mail is processed and mailed out the same day that it is picked up from your building; charges are billed to department accounts on a monthly basis. Contact us for more information, to open an account, or to obtain additional barcode forms.

Getting Started

Mail Metering Guidelines

  • Request a department meter account at
    • Personal mail can not be submitted for metering services.
  • Follow all USPS regulations.
  • Prepare your mailing so all letters are facing in the same direction. Letter-size envelopes (#10) may be unsealed but must have flaps open and nested.
    • Do not mix sealed and unsealed envelopes in the same bundle.
  • Divide and sort all outgoing USPS mail by class (1st, priority, media) and weight; band.
  • Bundle each class using paper clips or rubber bands.
  • Attach the barcoded request form to the bundle(s) of outgoing mail to be metered.
  • Place mail to be metered in a bin separate from outgoing campus mail.
  • Notify Mail Services of large (more than 50 pieces) mailings at least one day in advance of pick up.


Complete any special USPS paperwork (for example: customs forms, express, certified, and return receipt mail). Forms are available at no charge from the USPS website, any US Post Office, the PostMartket at the Cornell Store, or you can request them from Mail Services.

The USPS requires a barcode label on all domestic packages, parcels, standard post, library mail and media mail, Priority Mail, and any mail over 13 ounces for tracking.

Mail metering services are available only for department accounts. Personal mail can not be accepted for metering.