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Commitment to diversity and inclusion text version

The following is a text representation of the Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion image shown in the previous image:

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We are a values-based team committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, embracing diversity, and treating each other with respect.  Our organizational values represent our expectations of how we work together to serve the University community and create a climate in which all staff can thrive and grow.

Image with word representing: Truth, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Respect, TRUST

Statement of Responsibility

As members of the Facilities and Campus Services team, we have a shared responsibility to promote openness within a diverse organization.

Each member of FCS is responsibility for fostering an atmosphere characterized by dignity, respect, appreciation of diversity, and positive regard for all members of our community.

Each member of FCS is accountable for their own behaviors and actions.

We are a team and we support and value every member of our team.

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