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Facilities Inventory: Tips

Last updated: May 7, 2012

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Tips & Good Information to Know:

  1. Re-Selecting a list of rooms:
    When editing a sequential list of rooms, and you’ve completed your task if you click on Return to Search button you will return to the same set of search results, as found from your original search.  In order to continue working on this same set of records you have to de-select the rooms, and re-select them.
    • The quickest way to do this is to click on the reverse link twice.
  2. Searching by facility name:
    The Find Facility By Name link is an “equals” field not a “contains” field.  In other words without the wild card “*” in the search the only data that will be returned is that which is an exact match.  To have the field search for words or part of words that that are contained in a name use the following:
    • Put an “*” at the beginning and end of the search criteria:  “*plant*” will return all the buildings with the word plant in them like Plant Science, and Plantations.
    • This will also work for partial names:  “*hump*” will return Humphreys Service Building.
    • Put an “*” at the end of a search if you’re quite sure you have the first half of a name but are not sure about the second half:  “Day*” will return Day Hall, “Day” without the “*” will not find the building.
    Reminder:  These searches will only return buildings that you have access to.
  3. Saving:
    1. Room information:
      When in the room detail screen there are five ways to save room data:  Save Changes and the Next, Previous, First, and Last buttons when doing a sequential edit.  This will save all the changes on the entire page.
      • CAUTION:  Changing an org status from Open to Hold, or from Hold to Freeze, does NOT save any other changes made to the page.  
      • If you select a single room for editing, you MUST select "Save Changes" to save any changes.
  4. If the search results screen shows an error, but there are no errors showing on the room detail page, (make sure you check the maximum occupancy and occupancy/research) click the save changes button, and return to search results page.  The error should clear.  If the error didn’t clear, contact your Org Administrator or Facilities Inventory.
  5. Enlarging information on your screen:
    Holding down the Control (Ctrl) key and hitting the + key will make the information on your screen larger.  Every time you hit the + key the information will get larger than the previous screen.
    1. To return to the original settings, go to your browser menu, and select the View menu.   From the drop-down select Zoom, and from the next pull down select Reset.
  6. Bulk Edit CAUTION for Org Admins:
    If you’re helping your Department User by putting their org presence status to Hold for them, make absolutely sure that they are out of the records completely.
    1. If you bulk edit records that are open by another user, there is a high probability that all the changes made by the user will be wiped out and errors previously cleared put back - for the entire set of selected rooms.  There is no do over, the updates and corrections have to be entered manually.
      • Caution users about this problem, and confirm that they’re out of the records before you begin your bulk edit.  Records already set to Hold and you’re bulk editing to Freeze are protected from this problem since users can’t change records in Hold.
  7. System time out:
    If you leave the system open without activity for 20 minutes or more it may time out without dumping you out of your working screen.  In that case, system rules may behave strangely when you return.  For example, a list of buildings may not sort properly.  The easiest solution is to exit your browser and log back in.
  8. If you’re working with partner or Org Admin on the same set of rooms on different computers, make sure you are not both updating the same record at the same time.  The system will allow you to both edit the same record at the same time, but if you both update none of the changes will be saved.  In this circumstance, it would be best to have one of you looking at records in Production and the other looking at Training.
  9. Saving reviewed rooms check boxes:  When you’re managing a room list in the search results page, and using the reviewed rooms check box, make sure you click on the “Save Reviewed Rooms” button before you leave the search results page to open a room detail record.  If you do not do this, the system will not save the check marks, your NetID, or the date of the review.