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Facilities Inventory: System Roll Over

Last updated: April 28, 2022

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What happens in the system when it rolls over to the next fiscal year:

Rooms in pending obsolete status are moved to obsolete (partial year flags remain set).

Rooms in active status that have partial year flags set because they were not occupied for the full prior fiscal year have the partial year flag removed.

All items with end dates (org presences, functional coding, occupancy information) that end within the prior fiscal year are removed from viewing within the new fiscal year.

The ‘updated’ field in the room search results page is cleared of the previous year’s net id and date.

The ‘reviewer’ and ‘date’ fields as well as the ‘reviewed check box’ are reset to blank.

The org presence for all Active rooms is re-set to Open.

On the Room Search page the default search date will reset to the start date of the new fiscal year.

The default search date on the Historical Room Search page rolls over to the most current prior fiscal year.

When you create a new org presence, function code, or occupant within the Room Detail and Occupancy Research pages the default start date will be the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Rooms with New status remain the same.