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Facilities Inventory: Dates and Percentages

Last updated: June 2, 2022

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This document describes how to apply start and end dates and function percentages in situations where use of a room is changing.


Do not end date org presences, function codes, or occupants with the same date as the start date.
Do not set orgs or function percentages to 0%.
If you are changing the org to be one outside your access, make sure you complete all steps before saving the changes.  After saving the changes, you will no longer be able to make corrections.

1) On the first day of a new fiscal year, July 1st, if a new org takes over the space:
a.     End date the occupancy portion of the organized research, if any.
b.     Set function code start dates to 07/01/xx.
c.     Change the org, assign the new org start date as 07/01/xx.
d.     Save changes.

2) At ANY time during the fiscal year other than July 1st: An org moves out leaving the room vacant.  No new occupant org for the room has been identified:
a.     Leave the org dates and percentages as is.
b.     End date the function codes with the date the org/s moved out.
c.     End date the occupancy portion of organized research.
d.     Add function code 8.1 Capable of use and set the start date to ONE DAY after the move out date.
e.     Save changes.
The room will stay in your list of rooms until a new org has been identified.

3)    One or more org/s move out and one new org moves in:
a.     Under Occupancy/Research, end date any occupants.
b.     End date the org/s.  If there were occupants, make sure the occupant end date matches this end date.
c.     End date the function codes with the same date.
d.     Add the new org.
e.     Set the new org start date to be the very NEXT day after the end date of the original org.
f.      Set the org percentage to 100%.
g.     Set the room to HOLD if you are a department user and to FREEZE if you are an org admin.
h.     Save changes.

4)    Multiple orgs share a room concurrently:  There is more than one org at the same time for the entire fiscal year.
a.     Set the org percentage for each org, for example, Org A = 25%, Org B = 75%.  The percentage for all orgs must add up to 100% for every day of the fiscal year.
b.     Set the start dates for the orgs and functions to be the same.
c.     Save the changes.

5)    New sharing:  An org starts sharing a room part way through the fiscal year.  For example, Org A occupies 100% of the room at the beginning of the fiscal year, and Org B moves in to share the room with Org A during the fiscal year.

Wait to save changes until you have completed all steps to avoid losing the ability to edit the room.

Org A:  Make these changes even though Org A continues to use the room.
a.     Confirm the occupants and research under Occupancy/Research and adjust as necessary.
b.     End date the org the day before Org B moves in.
c.     Use the same date for the function code end date.

Org B:  Add the new org/s.
d.     Add the new org with the move-in start date.
e.     Add the org percentage with the appropriate percentage split.
f.      Add function codes with a matching start date.

Org A:  Add Org A again with the move in start date.
g.     Set the org percentage so that the sum of all org percentages is 100%.
h.     Add function codes with the move in start date.
i.     Save changes.