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Facilities Inventory: Region, District, Area Geographic Location


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Draft: January 10, 2024

The geographic location of a facility is described by a hierarchy of three fields: a region, a district, and an area.  Each active facility has a single value for region, district and area.

At the top level of the hierarchy is a short list of "Regions".  Each region has a code and a descriptive name as described in Table I below.

Table I.  List of facilities inventory region codes and descriptions.

Region Code Region Description How Used
Countries A small number of facilities are located in countries other than the United States.  They have this region.
Geneva Campus
Ithaca Campus
Midwest States
New York State Facilities located in New York State which do not fall into any of the following three regions:  Ithaca campus, Tompkins county, or Geneva campus.  Facilities in the metropolitan New York City area have this region, as do facilities in many counties other than Tompkins county.  Facilities in Tompkins County have either the region Ithaca Campus or the region Tompkins County.
Northeast Facilities located in the northeastern states have this region.  This region does not include facilities in New York State.
Pacific Facilities in Pacific states have this region.
Rocky Mountains Facilities in Rocky Mountain states have this region.
Southeast Facilities in the southeastern states have this region.
Southwest Facilities in the southwestern states have this region.
Tompkins County Facilities located in Tompkins county which are not included in the Ithaca campus region have this region.  In other words, there are many facilities which are located in Tompkins county which will not be classified using this region code because they are part of the large "Ithaca Campus" region.