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Facilities Inventory: Progress Report

Last updated: May 28, 2024

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Information in these reports lags by one business day since Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) reports fetch current data  from the facilities inventory database once a day early in the morning.

The web page records progress towards the completion of the annual facilities inventory updates by college or division.  An Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) report gives further details of the progress for each of the more than 500 departments which update the inventory.  Access to this report is restricted to Cornell NetID holders who have been granted facilities inventory permissions.

To view these details:

Log in to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS).

From the "Dashboards" menu in the top right, scroll down to the "IWMS" section.  It may be necessary to expand the options beneath "IWMS".  Select "Facilities Inventory" as shown in Figure 1 below.  The similar listing under "Facilities" called "Inventory" provides access to historical reports which do not reflect the inventory for the current year.

Facililites Inventory OAS Reports Dashboard Options

Figure 1.  Under the Dashboard menu, from the "IWMS" list, select "Facilities Inventory".


From the options across the top of the screen, select "Other Reports" and then "Inventory Progress - Current Year" as shown in Figure 2 below to navigate to the progress report.

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) Other Reports Menu

Figure 2.  Navigate to "Other Reports" and then "Inventory Progress - Current Year".


The first report shows a summary of progress by college or division as shown in Figure 3 below. There are about 36 colleges and divisions which update rooms in the facilities inventory.  Each one has a facilities inventory "org admin" responsible for updating rooms or assisting others to update rooms in their college or division.

All rooms start in the middle column with an org status of "open".  As users review the rooms and certify that by changing the room "org status" from "open" to "reviewed", the rooms move to the right column.  When all rooms have been approved by the org admins of the college or division and the inventory updates are complete, one hundred percent of the rooms will be listed in the leftmost columns.

Facilities Inventory OAS Progress Report College and Division Summary

Figure 3.  Inventory progress by college or division.  The finished state is one hundred percent of rooms having an org status of "Approved" in the leftmost columns.  In this example, Industrial and Labor Relations, the Law School, and Continuing Education and Summer Sessions have completed their facilities inventory. 


To see a break-down of progress by department, change the value in the drop-down list entitled "Select A View" from "College Totals" to "Details" as shown in Figure 4 below.  This view shows the progress of inventory updates for each department grouped by college or division.  

Figure 4.  A typical pattern of room updates early in the facilities inventory update cycle. Progress towards completion of the inventory is listed by department. Many rooms have the "open" status.  Others have been "reviewed" and a few are in the final state of "approved".


When one hundred percent of the rooms for a particular department are listed in the "Reviewed" columns to the right, the rooms may be ready for the org admin to move them to the "Approved" status.  If you are an org admin with inventory users who help you with the annual facilities inventory updates, consult with the inventory users for each department to confirm that they are done with their updates and make your own checks before moving the rooms to the "approved" org status.  In the example in Figure 5 below, one hundred percent of rooms marked in red have the org status of "reviewed".

Facilities Inventory OAS Progress Report Reviewed Rooms

Figure 5.  Four departments in the "Details" progress report have one hundred percent of their rooms in the "Reviewed" status in the rightmost columns and may be ready for the facilities inventory "org admin" to review the rooms and move the org status to "Approved".