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Facilities Inventory: Changing Rooms to Reviewed or Approved in Bulk

Last updated: July 16, 2024

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These instructions are designed for facilities inventory "org admins" when changing the "Org Status" of a large number of rooms.

  1. In the facilities inventory at, navigate the to Space Management module (square icon on left menu bar which looks something like a floor plan).
  2. Select Reports > "9.20 Room-Org Status".
  3. Under the word "Value", click in the rightmost, uppermost triangle to expand a list of colleges and divisions.
  4. Select your college or division.  Note that the list is not in numerical or alphabetical order. Click "Okay".
  5. After a brief delay in which a list of rooms appears, from the left side of the screen, put a checkbox next to the list of KFS orgs for which you would like to change the "Org Status".
  6. Export the spreadsheet from the "Export Excel" option in the top left.
  7. Open the spreadsheet and change all the values in column G to the desired value.  Usually you will be changing this from "Reviewed" or "Open" to "Approved".  The spelling must be exact.
  8. Save the spreadsheet in a folder where you can find it again in a minute.
  9. Click on the square icon on the left menu and select "Views".
  10. Choose the view called "9.20 Room-Org Status Upload".
  11. Click on the "JLL Spreadsheet Upload" button in the top left.
  12. Click "Choose File" and select the spreadsheet file you recently saved.
  13. The uploader now begins to read the spreadsheet.
  14. From the "Excel Tab" and "Select Tab" drop-down, select the name of the tab in the Excel workbook.  The name begins with 9.20.
  15. Click the "Validate" button in the bottom left of the screen.
  16. Look at the number of rows to make sure it makes sense.
  17. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and in the left corner at the bottom of the screen, select "Process Valid Records".  This step initiates the changes.
  18. Click the "Close" button in the bottom left.  The change will now be complete.
  19. As a check, return to the square floor plan icon, and select "Views" and the view named "1.40 Room Updates".
  20. Filter your list of rooms as needed to verify that the rooms now have the appropriate "Org Status".  Shared rooms show their "Org Status" as "Open" in the list of rooms at the top of the screen until all KFS orgs have moved their portion of the room from the "Open" status.  As a result, it may look as if rooms you have finished are still "Open" if they are shared with another org.