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U05 - Complete Work Order on Internally Issued SR


To complete a labor assignment/work order on an internally issued SR


  1. Log into Maximo with your Cornell NetID and password.

    1. Click on link from the email notification or
    2. Go to
      • Click "Maximo Production" icon in the "Quick Links" section
      • Enter login information & click "Sign In"
  2. Receive notification from assigned person that their work has been completed for a particular work order

    1. The assigned person must provide the following information:
      • The Maximo Work Order number
      • Whether or not all work related to the work order is complete; or if additional resources are needed to complete work
    2. The assigned person may provide information about the labor hours worked or information about the work completed.
      • (Optional) To record labor hours and work logs in Maximo, follow SOP T7
  3. Go to the Work Order Tracking application and find the work order

    1. On the top right of the screen, click Go To – Work Orders – Work Order Tracking
    2. Type the work order # in the search box at the top of the screen. Then, click the magnifying glass or the Enter button on your (Insert screenshot of search box)
    3. The work order record will open on the “Work Order” tab
  4. Complete the labor assignment

    1. Click the Assignments tab
      • The line showing the assigned labor(s) will show a status of “ASSIGNED”.  (Insert screenshot of assignments box)
    2. Click the “Complete Assignment” button
    3. The assignment status will then show as “COMPLETE”
      • When all assignments on a work order are complete, the work order status2 will change to “COMPLETE” within an hour.
      • When all work orders on a service request are “COMPLETE”, the SR status will change to “RESOLVED”
    4. If additional resources from Facilities Services are needed to complete the work, follow SOP U2 to create a new SR.
  5. Return to your Start Center

    1. Click the “Start Center” link at the top of the screen
    2. SRs that are issued internally will appear in the “Open SR’s In My Facilities” list. When the SR resolves, it will move to the “Resolved SRs” list.


The labor assignment(s) will be completed on a service request that was issued internally.

Reference Information:

1Maximo WO Work Types: REF 5

2Maximo SR and WO Status Definitions: REF 3




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