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T10 - Utilize My Schedule View - Tradesperson


Commonly used by a tradesperson to view a calendar of work on the day in which the work is scheduled to be completed.


  1. Log into EZMaxMobile

    Note: If you are not using the campus internet service (EduRoam), please make sure you are logged into and running the VPN using the CISCO AnyConnect Application. For more information, please review SOP E3: EZMaxMobile Install and Setup on an iOS Device.

    1. Tap the EZMaxMobile app on your mobile device to open it
    2. Log into EZMaxMobile using your NetID and Cornell password
    3. The first screen displayed is your Start Center
  2. Open the calendar view of scheduled work orders assigned to you

    Tap “My Work Schedule” on the Start Center  (Insert screen shot)

  3. Select a day to see work scheduled

    Tap the day (number to see associated work orders schedule for you to perform)

  4. View work order details for work scheduled

    Below the calendar you will see that day’s list of work with associated details

    1. Some of the work order details shown will mirror what you see in your Work Orders Assigned to Me screen  (Insert screen shot)
    2. Other details shown are schedule specific such as Scheduled Start, which shows the day and time work is to take place, and Hours, which is the estimated duration the work should take to complete
  5. Entering time & labor to work orders

    1. Tap the arrow on the right side of a work order row to access Work Order Tracking screen
      1. In this screen, you will be able to enter your labor (hours) and work logs (referenced in SOP T4)
      2. You will also use this screen to complete your work order assignment for that day (referenced in SOP T4). You will see multiple assignments for a work order when you are scheduled to work on it more than one time. Note: ONLY COMPLETE YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR THE CURRENT DAY
      3. To return to the My Work Schedule screen, tap the back arrow “<” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
    2. Repeat Task 5 for each work order schedule for that day
      1. In the calendar, once a work assignment is completed for that day, the color dashes representing each assignment completed will change to dark green
      2. Incomplete assignment dash will remain red


Easily view your work scheduled for each day which will provide clarity of work to be performed and aid with efficiency of work order labor/log entry.




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