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T09 - Order Consumable Items - Tradesperson


Commonly used by a tradesperson to submit an order for consumable items in EZMaxMobile.


  1. Log into EZMaxMobile

    Note: If you are not using the campus internet service (EduRoam), please make sure you are logged into and running the VPN using the CISCO AnyConnect Application. For more information, please review SOP E3: EZMaxMobile Install and Setup on an iOS Device.

    1. Tap the EZMaxMobile app on your mobile device to open it
    2. Log into EZMaxMobile using your NetID and Cornell password
    3. The first screen displayed is your Start Center
  2. On your Start Center, tap the button for your particular zone/group in the “Consumables Procurement” section

    (Insert Screen Shot)

  3. The Create Requisition screen will open, defaulting to the work order applicable to your zone/group

    Tap the “Next” button to advance to the next screen  (Insert screen shot)

  4. Tap the “Select Consumables/Favorites” button

    (Insert screen shot)

  5. A list of your favorite items will be displayed

    Note: “Favorite Items” is a pre-determined list of consumable materials based on your trade.

    1. Tap the checkbox(es) to the right of the item(s) you need, then tap the checkmark on the top right.
    2. Or, narrow the search for a certain item using the “Item” and/or “Description” fields by typing in descriptive text or key words, then tap the “Apply” button. Then, follow instructions above to select item desired. (Insert screen shot)
  6. The items will then be shown as line items on the Create Requisition screen

    1. To delete a line entirely, click on the trashcan icon on the right side of the line  (Insert screen shot)
    2. To edit the quantity of a line item, tap on the specific line
      1. On the next screen, edit the quantity using the +/- buttons  (Insert screen shot)
      2. Tap the blue checkmark on the top right to save quantity adjustment
      3. When all adjustments have been made for line item, tap the “Next” button
  7. Tap “Save for Later” or “Submit” button, as needed, at the bottom of screen


Material requisitions for van stock re-order will be saved for later or sent to the FM Procurement Group.




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