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Facilities Inventory: Verifying a Room Type

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Last updated:  May 7, 2024

Visit each room and verify the room type.  Update the room type to ensure the type describes how the room is used on June 30th. 

Each room has one room type which describes the primary room use.  There are 102 different room types.  Pages 19 to 40 of Appendix A of Cornell University policy 2.7 "Reporting the Use of Facilities" contains detailed descriptions of each room type with instructions on how each should be used.  Consult this table to ensure you have selected the correct room type.  If you are unsure of a room type, talk to the facilities inventory "org admin" for your college or division.

When a room is used in several different ways, for example, a conference room which is also used for some classes, then record the predominant use of the room during the fiscal year, the type which describes the largest portion of the time the room is used.