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Citation Fee Schedule

Schedule of Parking Fines

Transportation Services manages the policies that govern enforcement, booting, towing and impounding, and having campus parking privileges revoked; the new violation fee structure is part of efforts to update policies regarding topics such as “scofflaw” designation and chronic violations of campus parking rules.

Fine Amounts*

The following schedule of fines for motor vehicle parking violations and infractions in no way limits the right of the University or the Transportation Office to impose further sanctions or remedies, where appropriate, for parking violations.

Violation Description


Proper Permit / Payment Required


No Parking Zone


Expired Permit


Over Time Limit


Fire Lane/Life Safety Zone


Accessible Space/Aisle




Unauthorized Permit Displayed


Winter Parking Rules


Violation Posted Regulation


Parked Wrong Way


Taking Up Two Spaces


Operating Requirements Not Met


License Plate Not Visible from Drive Aisle


Night/Weekend Restrictions


Reserved Space


Late Fees*

A late fee is added to each parking citation that is not paid within ten calendar days of the date of issuance.

Boot Fees

The fee to release a wheel-lock boot is $150. To have the boot removed, call 607-253-2668.

Liability for Fines

The operator, registrant, or owner of the vehicle receiving the citation is liable for payment of any penalties or fines to the University.

A parking citation is sufficiently served (a) by handing the citation to the operator of the motor vehicle or (b) by mailing the initial notice within twenty-four hours to the address of the person registered as the owner of the motor vehicle or of the person who registered the vehicle with the University or (c) by attaching the citation to the vehicle.

*Fine amounts and late fee application dates are as of September 1, 2023.