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Cornell University

Boot/Tow Program

Parking Compliance and Enforcement Measures

The primary purpose of the campus parking compliance program is to provide safe and accessible parking for Cornell community members and visitors to the university. To ensure parking availability, all drivers are expected to park legally. If a parking violation occurs, the driver or registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for the payment of the citation.

New York State has granted Cornell the right to enforce its parking rules as described in the Rules and Regulations.

Boot Program

The “Boot”, a wheel-locking device, is used to immobilize the vehicles of drivers who have:

  • accrued three or more unpaid parking citations.
  • displayed a forged, altered, or unauthorized parking permit.
  • accumulated an outstanding amount greater than or equal to $200, inclusive of fines, fees, and penalties.

A boot may be placed on a vehicle whether it is legally or illegally parked. Transportation Services Representatives (TSRs) patrol the campus with license plate recognition (LPR) technology. If a vehicle is found in violation of the citation or fine accumulation limit, the TSR can immediately immobilize the car.

Get it off!

  1. To have the boot removed, call 607-253-2668. The call center is staffed 24/7.
  2. Pay the $150 boot release fee.
  3. An officer will be dispatched to the vehicle location.

The $150 boot release fee can be paid over the phone using any major credit card; check payments are accepted only at 116 Maple Avenue during normal business hours: 7:30 am-4 pm, M-F.

If the boot fee has not been paid within 24 hours of immobilization, the vehicle will be towed from campus. The driver or vehicle owner will be responsible for the towing fee.

The Boot is off. Now what?

  • Pay outstanding citations at Cornell community members can log in using a CU NetID and password to see all available payment options, including Bursar.
  • If the driver or vehicle owner believes they were booted in error, they may contest the immobilization or towing fee after obtaining the release of the vehicle. The objection must be submitted in writing within ten (10) days of the date the boot was released.

Towing Policy

The university reserves the right to tow from campus at the owner’s or operator’s expense any vehicle that is parked in a manner contrary to the published rules and regulations, including:

  • Any vehicle parked in an area signed as a tow-away zone.
  • Any vehicle parked in such a way or condition that it may create a hazard or may impede access in the event of an emergency.
  • Any vehicle, individual, or other entity identified as Scofflaw or Habitual Parking Violator.

Towing of vehicles parked illegally on the campus is performed by private towing contractors. Payment of or dispute of towing and storage charges must be made directly to the towing contractor.

Citation Policy

  • Citation payments are for the full amount due; partial payments are not accepted.
  • Unpaid citations accrue a $10 late fee after ten (10) days.
  • Citation appeals may be submitted within ten (10) days of issuance; instructions are printed on the back of the citation.
  • Notice of unpaid citations and possible penalties are mailed to the vehicle driver or owner.
  • Citations associated with a student vehicle can be automatically transferred to the bursar for payment after 15 days. Once transferred, payment must be made directly to the bursar.
  • Unpaid citations may be transferred to a collections agency with an additional fee applied.
  • Unpaid citations may prevent the renewal of parking and/or transit privileges.
  • Unpaid citations may result in immobilization or towing of the vehicle with the accrual of additional fees.