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Cornell University

Building Care Staff

Robert Pils
FM Director of Building Care 
(p) 255-2455, Email:

Denise Liddington
Administrative Asst.

(p) 255-1566, Email:

Wendy Turner 
Administrative Asst.

(p) 255-6862, Email:

Hazel Hall 
Assoc. Director Building Care, Contract College Facilities
(p) 255-1347, Email:

Contract College (State) Facilities Custodial Managers:

  • Jan Brown, Email:, (P) 255-3138; Facilities: Blauvelt, BTI, CALS Surge, Chilled Water 2, Dimock Lab, Equine Metabolism Unit, Floriculture, Food Science, Ken Post, LARTU, Livestock Pavilion, Morrison, Riley-Robb, Stocking, Teaching Research Barn, Blue Gh – Insectary, Virology-Nematology, Wings.
  • Michelle Clark, Email:, (p) 255-9683; Facilities: Bradfield, Bruckner Lab, Emerson, Dyce Lab, Fernow, Little Rice, Mann Library, Plant Science, Rice Hall, Warren Hall.
  • Anne Delong, Email:, (p) 255-5556; Facilities: Academic Surge A & B, Bailey, CCC, Comstock, ILR Conference Complex, ILR Research, King Shaw, Dolgen, Ives, Kennedy, Roberts.
  • Phil Lorer (interim), Email:, (p) 255-2736; Facilities: Ag Waste, Arthropod Research, Botanic Gardens, Barton, Beebe, CCGR - Baker Inst, Caldwell, Human Ecology, JL Swanson Wildlife Ctr, MVR, Plant Pathology Herbarium, Research & Diagnostic Annex, Resource Ecology Lab, Savage, Sm Animal Holding Facility, Turkey Hill Field Facility.
  • Brenda Conklin, Email:, (p) 253-3780; Facilities: Clinical Program Ctr, East Campus Research, Feed Storage S, Guterman Lab, Leland Lab, Love Lab, Muenscher, NYS Vet Diagnostic Lab, Pesticide Lab, Schurman, T Barn, Vet Education Center, Vet Annex, Vet Medical Center, Vet Research Tower. CVM, Community Practice Services.
  • Dragan Mrdjen, Email:, (p) 255-8768. 2nd Shift.
  • Kevin Mitchell, Email:, (p) 255-1145, 3rd Shift.

Assoc. Director Building Care, Endowed Facilities

Endowed Facilities Custodial Managers:

  • Mike Martin, Email:, (p) 254-7499; Facilities: Carpenter, Hollister, Hughes, Myron Taylor, Schwartz Center Performing Arts, Snee.
  • Brian Goodell, Email:, (p) 255-2341; Facilities: Baker Lab, Clark, Newman Lab, Olin Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Rockefeller.
  • Peter Alexander, Email:, (p) 255-1510; Facilities: Bard, Central Heating, Chilled Water, Water Treatment, Grumman, Humphreys, Kimball, Thurston, Rhodes, Upson, Ward.
  • Tammy Cook, Email:, (p) 255-1347; Facilities: A D White, Clock Tower, Day, Fuertes, Kroch Library, Malott, Morrill, Olin Library, Sage Hall, Space Science, Stimson, Uris Library.
  • Shaun Bennett, Email:, (p) 255-6493; Facilities: Duffield, Gates, Olin, Phillips, Uris Hall, Wilson Lab.
  • Dave Trout, Email:, (p) 255-3954; Facilities: 726 University Ave, Chilled Water 1, Foundry, Goldwin Smith, Johnson Art Museum, Klarman, Lincoln, McGraw, Milstein, Rand, Sibley, Tjaden, Toboggan Lodge, White.
  • Don Snyder, Email:, (p) 255-5446; Facilities: 104 Maple Ave, Biotech, Campus Store Warehouse, CISER, Biological Science Complex, Corson, Mudd, East Campus Service Center, East Hill Plaza Complex, EH&S, Mason Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Carpenter & Paint Shop, R5, Grounds, High Volt, Lidell Lab, Olin Library Annex, Water Filtration, Weill Hall, Welding Office.

Cindy Lockwood
Assoc. Director Building Care, Student and Campus Life Facilities
(p) 255-1471, Email:

Student and Campus Life Facilities Custodial Managers:

  • Bill Bryant, Email:, (p) 255-5366; Facilities: Thurston Court, Akwe:kon, Anna Comstock (LLC), 112 Edgemoor, Bess Brown Ctr, Cascadilla, Hasbrouck, Hurlburt House (Eco), Schuyler House, Sheldon Court.
  • Tony McCabe, Email:, (p) 254-2918; Facilities: War Memorial, 625 University Ave, Alice Cook, Baker, Boldt, Carl Becker, Flora Rose, Founders, Hans Bethe, Keeton, Lyon, McFaddin, Mennen.
  • Jodie Estes, Email:, (p) 255-2497; Facilities: Bauer, Childcare Ctr, Clara Dickson, Court, Kay, Mews (Loving), Risley, Balch.
  • Dana LaCombe, Email:, (p) 255-5596; Facilities: Townhouses, Cornell Health, High Rise 1 (Jameson), High Rise 5, Low Rise 6, Low Rise 7, Low Rise 8 (HILLC), Low Rise 9 (JAM), Low Rise 10 (Ujamaa), Mary Donlon.
  • Pat Davidson, Email:, (p) 255-0021; Facilities: McGovern Field Bldg, Noyes Comm Ctr, Tang Welcome Ctr, Reis Tennis Ctr, Sage Chapel, Sage House, Schoellkopf Complex, Teagle, Bartels, Africana Studies, Anabel Taylor, Barnes, Chilled Water IV , Collyer Boat House, Athletics Ops, Lynah, Equine Ctr, Fischell Band Ctr, 312 College Ave (FSAP), Grumman Squash, 626 Thurston (Intercultural Ctr), 640 Stewart (Kahin Ctr).