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Cornell University

Transportation Infrastructure Charge Policy


 Transportation Assessment and Replacement Parking

  1. All new construction, addition and renovation projects on the Cornell Ithaca Main Campus with a total project budget of $2,000,000 and higher, will be assessed a charge of 1.5% of total project costs.  This 1.5% infrastructure charge (hereafter referred to as the Transportation Assessment) ensures that construction projects will finance their fair share of needed transportation infrastructure improvements across the Ithaca Main Campus and other transportation related initiatives for the benefit of the entire Cornell community.  The Transportation Assessment will apply and be implemented as follows:
    1. All endowed and contract colleges new construction, addition and renovation projects will be charged 1.5% of all project costs1, including the total costs of subsequent phases referenced in the final PAR.  The Transportation Assessment will not be applied on the Transportation Assessment line in the project budget.

      1The Transportation Assessment is based on the total project cost, including contingency, as identified in the construction PAR, and will be assessed whether the contingency is expended or not. There is no final reconciliation at the end of the project or a subsequent adjustment of the Transportation Assessment.
    2. Project specific improvements, such as building service areas and connecting roadways, will be the responsibility of the individual project and not funded from the Transportation Assessment.
    3. For a project that has both maintenance and construction components, the fee will be applied as though the entire project is a construction project if the percentage of construction exceeds 50% of the total project cost.  If the percentage of construction is less than 50% of the total project cost, the Transportation Assessment will be applied only to the construction component.  Maintenance only projects are not subject to the Transportation Assessment.
    4. Facilities Contracts will be responsible for reviewing all PARs to ensure the Transportation Assessment is included prior to their entering the ePar system.  In special circumstances, CF&PC may elect to waive the Transportation Assessment or the cost of replacing parking, or some portion thereof.
    5. This policy shall apply to all projects located on the Ithaca Main Campus of Cornell University.  The Ithaca Main Campus is defined as those areas contained within the precincts as defined in the 2008 Cornell University Campus Master Plan.
  2. Funds for replacing parking lost as a result of construction will also be part of the construction budget at current replacement costs ($8,000/space as of the date of this document). This amount may be adjusted periodically, as needed, to reflect the most current costs for replacing parking.

CFPC:      January 17, 2013