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SUCF 340102 Demolish AgriTech Storage Barn Inquires

Question Answer
Can you tell me what utilities serve the barn? Electrical and an abandoned (turned off) water line.
As I understand the RFP is for design services for the demolition of the building and restoration of the site once demolition has been completed. Will construction administration of the project be required? Yes
Will SHPO be involved? Cornell filed the SHPO application on 3/28/20 and is awaiting their reply.
Are we getting rid of all the concrete and stone or is it used for fill? Removing from site.
Can we get in and look around?  Is it unlocked or do we check in with someone there? Currently access to the building is not avaiable
Please provide a limit line for the area to be surveyed and developed after demolition. This will be determined during design.
Please provide additional scope of what is referred to as “salvage” of the structure and the building contents. There will be no salvage of the structure or contents.
Will bidding and construction phase services (including third party asbestos project monitoring) be included in the scope of services? Yes
What is the planned use for the space following demolition (green space, parking, new building location, etc.)? The area will be used for a new building.
Regarding the AgriTech Storage Barn Demolition design, will the contract for this project be a Campus Administered project, or direct contract to SUCF? Campus administered.
We are aware that the structure has recently been designated National Historic Register Eligible status.  Will the design consultant need to include any Cultural Resources Evaluation tasks as part of the scope?  If so, can you provide guidance for the current state of the cultural resources investigation of the structure? If no, will Cornell’s cultural resources process affect anticipated project schedule? No to all questions.  To our knowledge the building is not on the National Historic Register and not planned to be added.
 Has a State Environmental Quality Review Act process been initiated for the project, or should that be included in the design project scope? To our knowledge this will not be required.
Will the consultant’s scope include support services during construction and demolition: e.g. construction administration, abatement oversight and monitoring? Yes