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Fleet Reservations - Rates

Reserve a Fleet Vehicle

Getting Started

Vehicle reservations can be made online at Agile FleetCommander. The fleet contains a mix of fuel-efficient sedans, minivans, and 12-person vans available by the day, month, or on an annual basis. Rentals are fully insured.

  • The fleet rental price is based on per day, per month, or per year rate.

  • Daily: rentals of 15 days or less in duration plus per mile charge
  • Monthly: rentals of 6 months or less in duration plus per mile charge
  • Annual: rentals greater than 6 months in duration. (The full annual rate will be assessed for leases greater than 6 months, but less than 1 year in duration.)

Using the Agile Fleet Commander Kiosk

  • The key kiosk room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A Cornell ID card is required for access to the kiosk room.
  • Users are required to log in with their CU NetID, password and duo-login to access and return the keys. We charge by the calendar day and usage is determined from the time of key pick up to key return.
  • During our business hours of 6:45am to 3:30pm, please see Fleet Services staff or call us at 255-3247 with any questions or to report any problems.
  • Outside our business hours, please reboot the kiosk computer by pressing the bottom button on the right side of the screen. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact CIT at 607-255-5500.
  • We will be happy to give you a quick one-on-one training on using the kiosk – just ask!


Fleet Rates FY24
Daily/MonthlyVehicle Type DailyRates


Mileage AnnualVehicle Type

AnnualRental Rates*

Compact (Corolla) $52 $831 $0.16 Economy $5,341
Compact Hybrid (Prius) $62 $992 $0.12 Budget $5,921
Midsize (Camry) $52 $831 $0.20 Average $6,372
Midsize Hybrid (Camry) $62 $992 $0.12 Moderate $6,955
7-Person Mini-van $62 $992 $0.23 High $7,813
12-Person Van/Cargo $68 $1,082 $0.31 Premium $8,774
*Annual Rental Rates based on vehicle purchase price, not on vehicle class.

Daily and Monthly rentals are linked to the Fleet Services EZ Pass account. Toll charges are included in the rental fee.


  • Drivers must meet all university requirements and complete both a registration and a release form, available at Agile FleetCommander.
  • Only faculty, staff, and students of Cornell University are allowed to drive or be passengers in any University-owned vehicles.  Usage must be on official university business.  
    • Anyone holding an international license, must be pre-approved by the Risk Management Office in order to drive a fleet vehicle. They may, however, be passengers as long as the vehicle usage is approved.
  • Drivers of 9-15 passenger vans require additional Driver Qualification.
  • The driver of the vehicle must be the one to pick up and return the vehicle.
  • Vehicles are available within 60 minutes of the scheduled reservation start time, and any time after the reservation start time.