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Cornell University

Training PM Certification

To be certified to act as a Project Manager each individual is required to be trained in eBuilder processes, contracting at Cornell 101 and, PM Basics.  Attendance and/or proof of understanding for each training listed will be evaluated and approved by the Project Intake Manager.  The PIM will maintain a list of certified PMs based on these trainings. 

eBuilder Processes

  • eBuilder OVERVIEW  
  • PAR Process & Zero $ Budget Change for PM          
  • Cost Codes & Budget for PM        
  • Non Cost Part 1 (Design Review)  
  • Non Cost Part 2 (ASI, RFI, Bulletin)             
  • Non-Cost Processes for PM
  • Cost Part 1 CR, CA, CAA  
  • Cost Part 2 - SOV, PA, IA 
  • Cost Part 3 - PCOs & COs                                             
  • Contract (Cost) Related Processes
  • Submittals for PM & Vendors       
  • Schedule Module             
  • Calendar & Meeting Minutes        
  • Closeout Process


Contracting at Cornell 101

  • Bidding Preparation and Process
  • Front End Documents
  • Types of Contracts
  • Contracts vs. POs
  • State Requirements for Contracting

PM Basics

  • Stewards of the University (you work at Cornell this is what Cornell expects of you)
  • Communications ( who, what and how)
  • Campus Partnerships (who a PM is expected to deal with on a regular basis as they manage a project)
  • Preparing a Project Plan and a PAR
  • Developing Schedules (milestone schedules and detailed project schedules)
  • Expectations and Obligations (SLAs and metrics)

Getting Started:

  • eBuilder Training
    • Link to training Schedule
    • Link to eBuilder Resources
  • Contracting 101
    • Link to Course List & Training Schedule
  • PM Basics
    • Link to Course List & Training Schedule

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