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Facilities Inventory: Walk-In Environmental Chambers

Last updated: April 6, 2022

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Walk-In Environmental Chamber

Room Type Code 272 “Walk-In Environmental Chamber” is a specialized laboratory room type.  These chambers may control temperature, humidity, lighting, or any combination of these conditions.

Any walk-in temperature-controlled room – a refrigerator or a freezer - used to support a non-laboratory space should be coded with the appropriate service room type to match the room type it supports.   The most common room type for walk-in scale refrigerators and freezers will be 635, Food Facility Service, though other service room types are possible.

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are equipment, and not coded as rooms.

Room Types for Services

115, Classroom Service  625, Exhibition Service 
315, Office Service    635, Food Facility Service
355, Office, Conference Room Service   645, Day Care Service
455, Study Service   655, Lounge Service  
515, Amory Service    665, Merchandising Service
525, Athletic-Physical Education Service     675, Recreation Service
545, Clinic (Non-Medical) Service   685, Meeting Room Service
555, Demonstration Facility, Service        715, Data Processing-Computer Service
575, Animal Quarters Service  725, Shop Service
585, Greenhouse Service[1]     895, Health Care Service
615, Assembly Service   

NOTE: If you would like to be able to track or search for all of your coolers and freezers in the facilities inventory, add “Walk-In Cooler” or “Walk-In Freezer” to the Brief Room Information field.

[1] A walk-in refrigerator or freezer would be coded as greenhouse service if it supports greenhouse operations (e.g., cold storage of media or other supplies).  Most temperature-controlled units associated with greenhouses, when used for plants, insects or other organisms, will be coded as 272, Walk-In Environmental Chamber.