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Facilities Inventory: Renovation Data Process

Last updated: January 29, 2024

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This document outlines the process for updating room records after a renovation. It is organized by the order of the steps that must be completed. It is important to note that responsibilities are assigned to different people throughout the process.

A. Occupant

  1. Moves out of the rooms in preparation for the renovation.

B. Department Inventory User

  1. Updates the room types and function codes to reflect the upcoming renovation.  Note: When using room type 060, "Alteration or Conversion Area" for renovations which last more than a month, the function code should always be 8.2.

C. Drafter

  1. Receives notification of the renovation from the building coordinator or Organizational Administrator.  The Drafter field measures the changes, updates the inventory drawings, and syncs the drawings to the facilities inventory.
  2. The sync removes rooms no longer used and updates the net square footage (NSF) of rooms which remain.  The Drafter sets all rooms to the default org for the college/division and removes the function codes and their percentages.
  3. Creates old and new versions of PDF floor plans in SharePoint.
  4. Notifies the Organizational Administrator by email that the renovation has been drafted and rooms require coding; the email includes a link to the SharePoint site for the use of the org admin.

D. Organizational Administrator

  1. Receives notification of the renovation from the Drafter.
  2. Searches for rooms using the default org assigned by the Drafter or using the facility code and room numbers identified on the floor plans provided on the "FI Renovations" SharePoint site.  
  3. Transfers the room to the appropriate department org.  To do this, change the default org to the departmental org rather than adding a new org.  We call this "flipping the org".
  4. Notifies the department inventory user that new versions of the rooms are available for coding.

E. Department Inventory User

  1. Codes the rooms completely and corrects any errors.
  2. Saves the changes.
  3. For each room, changes the "Org Status" to "Reviewed".
  4. Notifies the Organizational Administrator that the room coding is complete.

F. Organizational Administrator

  1. When all errors have been cleared, the Organizational Administrator changes the "Org Status" for the rooms to "Approved".