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Facilities Inventory: Facility Status and Substatus

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Last updated:  January 25, 2024

Each of the more than 4,000 facilities recorded in the facilities inventory system has a facility status.  This is a letter code and a description describing whether a facility is "active" or "obsolete".  Active facilities which are buildings also have a facility substatus code.  The substatus code value may not be set for facilities which have been obsolete for some time.

Table I.  Facility status and substatus codes from July 1, 2023 forward.

Facility Status Code Facility Status Description Facility Substatus Code Facility Substatus Description
A Active C Construction
A Active IN In Service
A Active O Out of Service
A Active PC Pre-Construction
A Active TC Temporary Closure
OB Obsolete D Demolished
OB Obsolete NB Never Built
OB Obsolete S Sold
OB Obsolete T Terminated

Note that these status codes have changed from the facility status codes used until June 30, 2023.  Table II below lists the previous list of status codes.  There was no substatus.

Table II.  Facility status codes until June 30, 2023.

Facility Status Code Facility Status Description
A Active
D Demolished
N Never Built
O Out-of-Service
S Sold
T Terminated