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Facilities Inventory: Facility Category Codes

Last updated:  February 14, 2024

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A facility category code was added in fiscal year 2023-2024.  This field does not replace the facility "Asset Assignment" code which identifies how facility assets are held in the university accounting system.

Table I.  Facility Category Codes

Facility Category Code Facility Category Code Description How Used?

Facilities not described by facility category codes CU.1 or CU.2 below which have asset assignment codes 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4.1.

Example facilities with asset assignment codes 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.1:

  • 2026, Day Hall, asset assignment code 0
  • 1945C, McGowan Farm Barn, asset assignment code 2
  • 3301A, GNVA Portland Lb Office Bldg, asset assignment code 3
  • 1001, Barton Hall, asset assignment code 4.1
  • 2340E, Tata Innovation Center
CU.1 Landlord to non-Cornell

Cornell University is the landlord and the occupants are outside agencies.

Example facilities:

  • 4052, Trumansburg Road 1250
  • 2512, Fall Creek Dr 302
  • 1212, Harford Willow Crossing House
  • 2550F, Mt P East House Mineah
  • 4204, Langmuir Lab
CU.2 Internal agreement with Cornell department(s)

An understanding exists between a Cornell department for the use of space outside typical assignments.  For example, an agreement brokered by CU Real Estate.  The list of facilities in this category is refreshed annually by CU Real Estate.

Example facilities:

  • 2583D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M and N at East Hill Plaza
  • 2921, East Hill Office Building
CN Other New York State (NYS) arrangement Facility 1166, NYS Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, is currently the only facility in this category.
CS Other SUNY-Cornell arrangement

Buildings owned by NY State with special agreements with Cornell.

Facility 1076, Boyce Thompson Institute, is currently the only facility in this category.

TN Tenant

Facilities owned by an outside agency or Cornell subsidiary where Cornell University is the tenant.

Example facilities owned by an outside agency where Cornell University is the tenant: 

  • 2113, Thornwood Dr 35
  • 3933, Seneca Place on the Commons

Example facilities owned by a Cornell subsidiary where Cornell University is the tenant: 

  • 2340D, The House
  • 2639, Merrill Family Sailing Center
  • 2639A, Sailing Center Bathhouse
  • 2639B, Sailing Center Shed
T Tracked

Buildings which do not contain rooms coded to Cornell University departments held in the facilities inventory for communication and other purposes.

Example tracked facilities:

  • 5376A, Maple Ave 115kV SubSt Cntrl Hs
  • 5216, Apple Orchard PRV station
  • 2725, Robert W Holley Ctr Ag Health, a federal building not occupied by Cornell
H Historic Facilities in this category are those which were set as 'Obsolete' prior to the 2010 iteration of the inventory.