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Find Facility Information - Search Tips

Using the Facility Search 

Facility Name or Code 

  • You can enter in partial names such as "scho" instead of spelling out "schoellkopf". 
  • It is ok to use part of a name e.g. use “garage” instead of typing out “parking garage”. 
  • Use a nickname e.g. type in “ornithology” instead of trying to remember the new name of the building “Imogene Johnson Center for Birds & Biodiversity” (or just type in “bird”). 
  • You can enter a facility code if known, e.g. "2047" (Olin Library) 

Street Search 

  • Enter in part of all of the name of the street or road. 


  • will clear the search Keywords entered.  

Advanced Filters 

Advanced filters allow users to refine the search by applying specific filters.  Select one or multiple filters to apply and then  select "Apply Filters" to refine the search.  

  • Organizational Unit
  • Building Status:  Filter buildings which are either "Active" or "Out of Service" 
  • Facility Type:  Filter for "Buildings" or "Non Building" 
  • Facility Subtype
  • Campus Zone: Filter which Campus Zone the facility is associated with. 
  • Include Obsolete Facilities:  This checkbox will include facilities marked as Obsolete "**" in the search results.  

Notes about Facility Name results: 

The following are notes for Facility Name with specific indicators.  

** Name  

Names of facility codes that begin with a “**” are obsolete, meaning sold, leases terminated, or demolished. All of the information continues to be available for historic reference. If you don’t want to see all the obsolete facility codes at the top of your search results reverse the order of the results by clicking on the “Facility Name” column heading.  


Names of facility codes that begin with a “P” are parking lots.  


Names of facility codes that begin with the word “Area” represent geographic boundaries designated for the purpose of tracking costs or activities. Area boundaries are available on the campus map on the ‘Find Information About Your Facility” page.