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Facilities Inventory: Finding Errors

To search for rooms with errors, begin on the inventory room search page,

Check the "Has Error" box
Scroll down the page and look on the right for β€œHas Errorβ€œ.  Select β€œYes” from the drop-down list as shown in Figure 1 below.

Inventory has error room search option

Figure 1.  The room-search page contains an option for finding only rooms with errors.

For Inventory Users, Enter a Department or Section

In the small box to the right of "Dept/Section+:", enter a four-digit code associated with a Kuali Financial System, KFS, department or section.

For Inventory Org Admins, Enter a College or Group

In the small box to the right of "Coll-Div/Group+:", enter a four-digit code associated with a Kuali Financial System, KFS, college. These numbers end in "00", for example, "5200" or "0300".

Search for Rooms with Errors

Select "Search Rooms" from the top or the bottom of the page and wait for the room-search results to appear.  Search results often take as long as 20 seconds to appear.

Each room with an error will appear with the building code and name in red text and with the red words "has error" to the right of the room number.  Click on the room number to edit the room and resolve the errors.

Note that you may see results for shared rooms where the error belongs to another department using the room.  For example, this room shows up in a search for rooms in college 5200, Human Resources, even though the error is in the part of the room belonging to 5700, Facilities and Campus Services.

Errors in shared rooms may appear in search results, even though your department has no error.

Figure 2. Shared rooms may appear in your list of errors if there are errors in the entries belonging to the other departments sharing the room.

Most Common Room Errors

The majority of errors belong to rooms which have been renovated this year.  These rooms are added to the system without room types, function codes, or CC/EN values.  All three of these pieces of information are needed before you can save the room without errors.  Figure 3 below shows the room-search results for several rooms which have errors because of this missing information.

Error because of required room data

Figure 3.  Recently renovated rooms without room types, function codes and CC/EN values.