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Cornell University

Endowed (EN) Zone

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The Endowed Zone includes the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Architecture, Art and Planning; the School of Hotel Administration; Cornell University Library; and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.For more information about a specific building, please see the Find Facility Information page. Work/Service Requests (Tickets) can be issued directly to the Endowed Zone via Maximo or by calling Facilities Services Customer Service, 255-5322.

Campus Manager: Jim Kazda, (w) 607-255-4461

Zone Facilities Director: Darrell Reynolds, (w) 607-255-1251 (c) 607-379-0228

Administrative Assistant: Jen Russell, (w) 607-255-3436
Administrative Assistant: Samantha Strickland, (w) 607-255-5829

Zone Facilities Manager: Dave Brinsko, (c) 607-327-2122
Zone Facilities Manager: Rob Hastings, (c) 607-229-4901
Zone Facilities Manager: Clinton VanWormer, (c) 607-346-7401
Associate Director Building Care: Rick Jordan, (w) 607-592-0603

Zone Maintenance Planners: Dave Baildon, (w) 607-255-6490, (c) 607-592-0805; Dan Donovan, (w) 607-327-0383; Paul Heliseva, (c) 607-592-9513

UFD - Unit Facilities Director
UFM - Unit Facilities Manager


College/Units and Unit Facility Directors:

Arts and Sciences

Henry Crans, (w) 607-255-3801, (c) 607-227-5815

Architecture, Art and Planning

Frank Parish, (w) 607-255-6066

Johnson - Sage Hall

Kevin Baradet, (w) 607-255-9426

School of Hotel Administration

Peter Meixell, (w) 607-255-4236, (c) 607-227-5898


Bill Bader, (w) 607-254-7285, (c) 607-327-0368

Law School

Michael Pado, (w) 607-255-3556, (c) 607-351-8355


Phil Koons (w) 607-255-3455, (c) 607-227-5726

VP Research

Todd Pfeiffer(w) 607-255-1731, (c) 607-592-7252

Services Provided by Each Zone:

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (ACR)
  • Carpenter/ Lock
  • Control
  • Building Care Services
  • Electric
  • Maintenance Mechanics (Preventive & Corrective for SA)/ Maintenance Assistants
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Mason
  • Paint, Glass & Sign
  • Pipe
  • Sheet Metal/ Roofing
  • Trade Assistant

College of Engineering

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

School of Hotel Administration

Cornell University Library

Office of the Vice Provost for Research