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Cornell University

RideShare Commuting Program for Employees

Share the Ride!

The RideShare commuter program is designed for eligible Cornell employees who do not live in campus housing and share their ride to the Ithaca campus at least three times a week. This formal carpooling arrangement is available to regular (not temporary) Cornell employees receiving university benefits who work in locations where permits are required.

Getting Started:

First, consider the costs associated with commuting to work by yourself. You can estimate your costs using one of the many available commute calculators on the web.

Next, consider the benefits of sharing the ride to work with a neighbor, co-worker, or family member. One of the most obvious benefits of sharing the ride to the Cornell campus is the opportunity to share the cost of a parking permit. Other RideShare benefits include:

Enrolling in RideShare

When your group is ready to sign the RideShare contract, visit Transportation Services at 116 Maple Avenue; bring your current parking permits and the vehicle registrations of the cars that will be displaying the new RideShare permit.

  • Choose a parking area convenient for the group (work-in-zone rules still apply).
  • Designate a primary contact person; this group member will be responsible for all paperwork and can pay the annual fee via payroll deduction.
  • Register the personal vehicles that group members intend to drive and park on campus
  • Turn in individual parking permits, or relinquish out-of-county OmniRide bus privileges.
  • Complete and agree to the terms of the RideShare contract.
  • Receive one permit to use among the participant’s vehicles.
  • Continue to have access to TCAT buses in Zone 1, Monday – Friday. 

The group will have 30 days to decide whether or not RideShare works for them.


  • Participants must be regular full- or part-time Cornell employees receiving university benefits, or affiliates.
  • Participants must share their ride to Cornell at least 3 days a week, and all members must work at least 4 hours during the time period that permits are required (7:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday).
  • Group members must work in an area of campus where a Cornell parking permit is required. Campus residents are not eligible for the RideShare program.
  • Only the primary contact person is eligible to pay the discounted annual permit fee via pre-tax payroll deduction. The permit fee can also be pre-paid via cash, check, or credit card.
  • Group members must register their personal vehicles with the university, and keep the information current at all times.
  • Any citation fines associated with vehicles registered to RideShare participants must be paid in full before the RideShare permit will be renewed.
  • The RideShare contract must be completed annually, in June. Renewal paperwork and annual permits are sent to the primary contact person.
  • All members of the group must meet eligibility requirements throughout the program year, or the permit can be recalled.