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Cornell University

C2C Child Passenger Policy

Traveling with Children

Campus-to-Campus welcomes passengers with children. Please note that the bus driver is not in a position to be responsible for an unaccompanied child, either on or off the bus, and our service does not have staff available either on board or at any of the stop locations to supervise unaccompanied children.

Please note the following guidelines when booking a trip:

  • If a child (up to 2 years old) will be sitting on a parent's lap for the duration of the trip, there is no charge.
  • All buses are equipped with three-point seat belts. A reservation and payment are required if the child will be occupying a seat.
  • A reservation and payment are required for passengers aged 2 years and up.
  • There are no child passenger discounts.
  • Minor children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.