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Cornell University

Site Evaluation and Selection

The site evaluation and selection process led by the University Planner includes campus stakeholders and technical representatives. Utilities, civil, environmental and municipal impacts are considered in the site evaluation process. The evaluation of sites is conducted within the context of the approved University Campus Master Plan that identifies potential parcels and their developmental capacities as well as overall campus landscape and transportation initiatives that must be addressed. A shortlist of 3 sites to be studied will be recommended by the University Planner, after the overall evaluation of options based on discussions of the stakeholders, campus needs, and consultant studies that provide technical program confirmation, assessments of facility massing, enabling projects and infrastructural needs, and project costs for each option.  These technical assessments inform the final evaluation and recommendation of a preferred site option.

Getting Started:

  • College/unit facility and program directors may contact the Campus Planning Office directly to launch a feasibility study or site selection process.