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Cornell University

The Cornell Landscape Improvement Partners (CLIPers)

The Cornell Landscape Improvement Partners (CLIPers) is an ad hoc committee comprised of representatives from various departments on campus including Planning, Grounds, Maintenance Management, Botanic Gardens, and Development. The committee meets regularly to review the general health and viability of the landscape and miscellaneous campus landscape issues such as:

  • Potential projects
  • Active construction projects
  • What we see as landscape needs
  • Desired future wants
  • Outdoor art
  • Donor related projects

The committee creates and implements such programs as:

Committee members include:

Dave Baildon, Endowed Zone Maintenance Planner, Facilities Management

Ellen Chase, Administrative Manager, Contract Colleges Facilities

David Cutter, University Landscape Architect, Campus Planning Department

Andrea Haenlin-Mott, Accessibility Coordinator, Facilities Management 

Reed Huegerich, Assistant Director, Transportation & Delivery Services

Irene Lekstutis, Landscape Designer, Cornell Botanic Gardens

Rachael McCarthy, Support Specialist, Plant Pathology

Kevin McGraw, Senior Landscape Operations Manager, Facilities Management

Jean Morey, Executive Staff Assistant, Alumni Affairs and Development

Brett Nieves, Landscape Operations Manager, Facilities Management

Jim Tofte, Site Civil Engineer, Facilities Engineering

Dan Schied, Grounds Director, Facilities Management

Path by "Wee Stinky Glen" Cornell University campus

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For questions or more information about CLIPers, please contact David Cutter or Dan Schied