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FY18 Billing Rates

E&PA Billing Rates – Maximo

2018 Maximo Billing Rates Table

Capital Projects Support Services 2018 Billing Rates


All new construction, addition, and renovation projects on the Cornell Ithaca Main Campus with a total project budget of $2,000,000 and higher will be assessed a charge of 1.5% of total project costs.  This 1.5% infrastructure charge (hereafter referred to as the Transportation Assessment) ensures that construction projects will finance their fair share of needed transportation infrastructure improvements across the Ithaca Main Campus and other transportation-related initiatives for the benefit of the entrie Cornell community.

PAR Tax Matrix

PAR Tax Matrix

Project Management Fee

PM Fees

FM Trades/Zones FY2018 Billing Rates

FM Trades/Zones Billing Rates

FM Building Care FY2018 Billing Rates

Building Care Billing Rates

FM Grounds FY2018 Billing Rates

Grounds Billing Rates

Utility Enterprise Rates for Budget FY2018

Utility Enterprise Rates

Transportation – Fleet Services FY2018 Rates

Fleet Rates

Red Runner FY2018 Rates

Red Runner Rates