Contract Colleges Facilities

Our Responsibilities

Capital Planning:

    • Develop and Manage the SUNY Capital Plan
    • Administer State-funded Campus Let projects
    • Document required approvals for Cornell, the State University Construction Fund (SUCF), and municipalities
    • Facilitate SUCF-managed projects
    • Partner with Contract Colleges facility staff
    • Support the Division of Budget and Planning in the development of the University-wide Capital Plan
    • Provide project coordination when needed

Facilities Maintenance:

    • Administer financial resources for the maintenance of State-owned buildings, greenhouses, and grounds on the Ithaca campus and throughout the State.
    • Campus Manager and strategic partner with Unit Facilities Directors for all zones and Facilities and Campus Services.

Code Compliance:

    • Ensure compliance with the current Building Codes of New York State for all SUNY- and Contract College-owned buildings.
    • Issue Permits and Certificates

MWBE Coordination:  

    • Provide guidance and resources for MWBE contractual requirements.
    • Document MWBE participation for eligible projects.