Facilities Management Org Chart


Image of FM Deaprtment and their Leaders that are listed on page.

Following is listing of FM Departments and Leaders shown in image above.

Cornell University Facilities and Campus Services

Facilities Management, Associate Vice President – Jim Gibbs (Interim)

       Administrative Assistant – Shelley Bennett (Interim)

By Department:

Contract Colleges Zone Facilities, Director - Jessie Wells (Interim)

            Services: Maintenance, Building Care, Maintenance Planning

Endowed Zone Facilities, Director – Darrell Reynolds

            Services: Maintenance, Building Care, Maintenance Planning

Student and Campus Life Zone Facilities, Director – Erik Gray

             Services: Maintenance, Building Care, Maintenance Planning

Grounds, Director – Dan Schied

            Services: Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Construction

FM Logistics, Associate Director – Spring Buck

            Services: Events, Procurement, RS, Training Program, Customer Service

FM Administration, Director – TBD

            Services: Facilities Accessibility, Information Management, Process Stewardship, Preventive Maintenance, Maintenance Planning, Asbestos

FM Operations, Associate Director – Paul Heliseva

            Services: Electric, Controls, Mechanical, Key Management and Shop Fabrication, Testing and Inspection