If you experience a problem with one of the many elevators around campus, please:

Call FCS Customer Service 607-255-5322, let the Building Coordinator know, or enter a Service Request online.

Retrieving personal items such as cell phones, keys, and ID badges that have been dropped down an elevator shaft is not covered under Cornell’s elevator maintenance contract and may incur a departmental charge.  A departmental account number will need to be provided to pay for these services at the time they are requested.  

Elevator Entrapment The elevator’s emergency call button will notify the CU Police Department. If you have a cell phone call 911 or 607-255-5111 to confirm problem and provide details.  If you are in a building and hear anyone in an elevator asking for help call 911 or CUPD at 607-255-1111.




Primary Contact Information:

FCS Customer Service

105 Humphreys Service Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

Report a facilities emergency:

For Cornell Police:

For fires and medical emergencies: 911