Building Comfort

Room temperatures that are too warm or too cool may be uncomfortable but they are not an emergency unless they threaten personal safety, equipment, or research. Animal spaces, some lab areas, and server rooms are prone to adverse effects from being too warm or cold and problems should be reported immediately. 

Occupied building spaces like classrooms, offices, labs, conference rooms, and dining spaces are kept at a comfortable temperature, generally in the range of 67 to 73 degrees. Variations in temperature can occur due to a variety of factors like weather, the number of occupants in a given space, and computers or other equipment that may be generating heat.

If a teaching, research, or living space becomes uncomfortably warm or cool and does not return to a comfortable temperature within a few minutes, please contact your building coordinator.  Often the problem can be corrected by the building coordinator with an adjustment of a thermostat or other control device.  If needed, your building coordinator will arrange for additional service.

For academic and staff buildings:

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