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Cornell University

Sibley Dome Renovation

Project Description

1.   Provide 14,000 net square feet of interior renovation and select exterior renovation.
2.   Provide demolition of existing interior space including asbestos abatement.
3.   Infill existing openings for HVAC equipment and instructional space with support functions.
4.   Repair existing exterior dome, and repair/replacement/introduction of new windows.
5.   Provide new rest rooms.

A second walkthrough has been scheduled for January 4, 2024, at 10:00AM, meet at the West Basement Entrance Lobby, Sibley Hall, 921 University Ave on the North side of the building at the base of the ramp.

Estimated Construction Budget


Pre-Bid Meeting

133 Humphreys Service Building/Zoom

Deadline for RFI

Bid Opening

eBuilder Bidding Module

Project Schedule

Start: Within thirty (30) days of written authorization to proceed.
Completion: July 2, 2025


Work Architecture Company (WORKac)

Invited Bidders

Name Phone Fax
Andrew R. Mancini Associates, Inc 607-754-7070 607-786-0410
Edger Enterprises of Elmira, Inc. 607-733-9664 607-733-3951
F. E. Jones Construction, Inc. 607-348-0045 607-348-0050
LeChase Construction Services, LLC 315-423-0015 315-423-0054
Murnane Building Contractors, Inc. 315-432-0490 315-432-0655
Purcell Construction Corporation 315-782-1050 315-782-5820
Streeter Associates, Inc. 607-734-4151 607-732-2952
The Pike Company, Inc. 585-271-5256 585-271-3101
Welliver McGuire, Inc. 607-535-5400 607-535-9254

Project Documents

To obtain documents, visit the Planroom.