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Archiving: Record Type and Field Searches

Record Type and Field Searches
Record Type Typicals
BIM Model System Revit files
CADD Drawings AutoCADD
Drawings: A = As-built
B = Bid
C = Construction
D = Design not for construction
E = Existing Conditions
M = Master mark up
O = Commissioning
R = Record
S = Shop drawings
Historic Records: Honors/Awards
PR materials/Artifacts
Dedication material
Cornerstone/Time capsule information
Permits & Agreements: Certificate of Occupancy
Letters of Agreement*
Certificate or notice of substantial completion
Final Acceptance
Building Permits
Electrical/Plumbing Permits
Certificate of Compliance
Photos: 1st Day Construction Photos
MultiVista – Word Doc to Contact Archiving for retrieval
Arial/Drone Photography
All other photos
Project Material: Records delivered by the PM and/or CM at the close of the job that are held for 8 years after the close of contract.
Reports (Inc.
Schematic Design
Design Development
Program Statement
Basis of Design
Code Analysis
Structural Analysis
Peak Utility Requirements
Energy Model
Final Project Status Report
Testing & balancing reports
Materials filed with outside agencies
Environmental Impact Statements
Test results
Boring logs & reports
Site survey data
Engineering Calculations
Submittals that are not drawings

*Includes all agreements and memorandums of understanding. A description of the agreement subject will be found in the data field “Project Title” and the originator of the agreement will be listed in the “Designer/Consultant” field.

Field Name Definition & Information
Facility Code As validated by Facilities Inventory.
Record Type This is the type of Document. (See record type definitions above)
Project Number/eBuilder Number As issued by the Archiving Group. (Older records do not have project numbers.)
Document Date The most recent date on the document. (The month, day and year are captured.)
Sheet Name Title of the sheet as it appears on the drawings
Discipline See discipline definitions. Note many older drawings have “unspecified” listed as the discipline.
Project Title As per the title sheet on the drawing set. Or as per eBuilder project name.
Designer Name Consultant name.
Scope Scope that is captured from the PAR or drawings.