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FAQ's for -80 Freezers

Some FAQ's concerning -80 freezers.

    • Does Cornell have -80 Freezers available to rent?
      • Yes. Cornell Facilities Management (FM) department maintains a small fleet of -80 Freezers to support campus research.
      • FM freezers are available to rent while department owned equipment is being repaired, or unexpected urgent needs arise.
      • FM does NOT offer long-term rentals. Rental of these units should not exceed the time unit owned equipment is being repaired and/or the time a unit is waiting for delivery of a recently purchased freezer.
    • Where can a -80 Freezers be rented?
      • For short term emergency needs Cornell Departments and Units can rent -80 Freezers from the Facilities Management department.
      • For long-term needs please contact your unit procurement staff to coordinate renting from a university vendor.
    • What is the cost to rent a -80 Freezer from Facilities Management?
      • Daily rate: $20
      • Weekly rate: $125
      • Monthly rate: $400
      • Delivery and pickup costs are a separate charge
    • How do I rent a -80 Freezer from Facilities Management?
      • Submit an online Service Request. You will need a KFS/Department account number.