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Cornell University

Custodial Services

Building Care staff are assigned to each campus Maintenance Zone and provide a wide range of custodial services, including support for events.  
For clean up of non-hazardous spills, bathrooms that are out of toilet paper, or any non-scheduled cleanup please report the problem to your Building Coordinator, or enter an online service request

To find a buildings BC go to:  and look up by building name, facility code, or address. 

To request custodial support for an event, please enter a service request.

  • Include the location, date, and time of the event and a contact phone number.
  • You will need a KFS/Department account for any charges.
  • If you have any questions concerning support for your event, contact the FCS Event Manager at (p) 607-255-3751 or email:

photo of custodian sweeping theater

If a situation involves broken glass, vomit, or blood, it is considered a hazardous substance that needs an emergency cleanup. Call 607-255-5322.

For campus residences: