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Cornell University

Tent Location Process

Tents set up for event

Many campus partners were engaged to determine the best tent sites on the Ithaca Cornell campus. Every tent site needed to be accessible for all guests and within 200’ of a fire lane in order to be considered an approved tent site. Once all approved sites were identified, the Tent Location Team reviewed each site to determine the following:

  • The largest tent size appropriate for the space and how should the tent be situated
  • The occupancy of the tent with different types of layouts (standing reception, seated dinner, ceremony style)
  • Where the electricity will come from, if needed (building power, ground box, generator)
  • What facilities are available at the site. For example, open restrooms, local facility open to use as an evacuation site, etc
  • Whether the tent being anchored to the ground or if concrete blocks are needed
  • And other amenities event planners should be aware of

After gathering all of the appropriate information, an interactive gis map will be created to display all of tent locations. Each site will include x, y axis for the tent site; how the tent needs be anchored; the tent site municipality (city, town, village); a photo of the tent site; three possible layout choices (attached), etc.