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Cornell University

Campus-to-Campus Visual Identity Rollout


Keeping Cornell on the Move


The Campus-to-Campus (C2C) executive motorcoach service was established in 2004 using repurposed buses operated by a third-party carrier. What began as a simple operation to connect the Ithaca main campus with Weill Cornell Medicine and the Cornell Club has grown to be a integral part of the Cornell experience. Service has grown from sixteen trips a week to the current forty; and the buses have transformed from boring, generic coaches to each bus being a unique piece of art. As the popularity of the service grew, C2C added stop locations, upgraded service amenities, and provided other delivery services central to the university’s mission.


C2C takes pride in keeping pace with the needs of the Cornell community, and is now growing in a different way: After fifteen years, we’re introducing a sleek, new logo and graphic identity. Still the same great service, but with a fresh new vibe. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do.