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U04 - Prepare Internally Issued Service Request


To prepare an internally issued SR for work to be accomplished


  1. Follow SOP U1 – Evaluate and Triage a Service Request OR SOP U2 – Create and Submit a RMS Service Request in Maximo

    1. If following SOP U1, perform Tasks 1 – 7, then proceed with the next task in this SOP
    2. If following SOP U2, perform Tasks 1 – 6, then proceed with the next task in this SOP
  2. Review the fields on the service request that indicate the SR has been issued internally

    1. The Owner Group field will display “UNIT”
    2. The Status will display “PENDING”
  3. Populate fields on the work order

    1. Click the Related Records tab
    2. In the Related Work Orders section, populate the following fields on the work order line:
      • Work Type1 (type or use the magnifying glass to select)
      • Important: Type “UNIT” in the Work Group field
      • Leave the Crew field blank  (Insert screenshot of related records WO screen for Internal unit )
    3. Click the Save button
  4. Create labor assignment(s) on the work order

    1. Click the gray arrows to the right of the work order number
    2. Select "Go To Work Order Tracking (Insert screensot of drop down menu on WO)
    3. Click the Assignments tab
      • Click the “New Row” button on the bottom right
      • Type the Labor NetID in the Labor field and click the Tab key
      • OR click the arrows to the right of the field and click Select Value to filter/find a Labor (Insert screenshot of Assignment)
    4. The Name and Craft will be populated, and the status will show as ASSIGNED
    5. If desired, edit the hours in the “Hours” field. These are the estimated/planned hours for that particular assignment.
    6. Click the Save button
  5. Determine how the person assigned will receive the work order

    1. If the assigned person is an EZMaxMobile user, they will see the work order in their “Work Orders Assigned To Me” list
      • They will have the ability to enter labor, work logs, and complete their assignment when they are done with the work. (For this process, see SOP T4)
    2. If the assigned person is not an EZMaxMobile user, provide the Maximo work order information to them
  6. Return to your Start Center

    1. Click the “Start Center” link at the top of the screen
    2. SRs that are issued internally will appear in the “Open SR’s In My Facilities” list.


A service request that was issued internally will have a work order with the appropriate fields populated and labor assignments created. The assigned person will have received the work order.

Reference Information:

1Work Types: REF 5




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