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U01a - Repairs as a Result of Compliance and Related Inspections


Service Requests for repairs resulting from an inspection from an AHJ, compliance regulatory agency, or outside vendor. Verify correct information on a SR so the zone can efficiently prioritize the work.


  1. While following SOP U1 or U2, verify the following information is provided on the SR:

    1. Summary field naming convention:
      • “OFPC ‐ request info” (if the request is from the Office of Fire Protection Control) Example: “OFPC ‐ back fire door not closing and latching”
      • OR
      • “T&I – request info” (if the request is from the Testing & Inspection group)
    2. Long Description:
      • Additional information as needed.
    3. Classification: Repair, Maintenance, Service
    4. Service: REGCOMP
    5. Priority: 40
  2. Target Finish Date

    Target Finish Date is 30 days from reported date (Note: Finish Date will automatically populate when the service of REGCOMP is selected revising the date is not necessary)

    Important: As of January 12, 2015, local governments can fine up to $1,000 per day for not complying with an order to remedy violations within 30 days.


Appropriate information will be provided on a Maximo service request for repairs needed as a result of a compliance related inspection before sending the SR to the zone.




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