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T06 - Work Order Searching Tips - Tradesperson


Commonly used by a tradesperson to search for work orders in EZMaxMobile.


  1. Log into EZMaxMobile

    Note: If you are not using the campus internet service (EduRoam), please make sure you are logged into and running the VPN using the CISCO AnyConnect Application. For more information, please review SOP E3: EZMaxMobile Install and Setup on an iOS Device.

    1. Tap the EZMaxMobile app on your mobile device to open it
    2. Log into EZMaxMobile using your NetID and Cornell password
    3. The first screen displayed is your Start Center
  2. Search Work Orders That Are Assigned To You

    1. Tap the “Work Orders Assigned to Me” line on your Start Center
    2. To further narrow your search:
      1. Tap the “Advanced Search” button
      2. Click the double arrow icon to the far right (example: on the Facility Code Line)
      3. Click Filter
      4. Type search criteria (example: Location 2802)
      5. Click Apply under Filter at the top of the screen  (Insert screen shot)
      6. Once results received, choose boxes for which facility applicable
      7. Click apply at the bottom of the screen
      8. Tap “Search
    3. Note: the “Quick Search” field will only search Work Order numbers


Work Orders assigned to you or someone in your zone can be viewed.




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